Academy of Abundance

The Art of Awareness 

and Attraction

A one year transformative journey to unlock your full potential

awake the array of amazing adventures, astonishing archievements and absolut abundance through the Art of Awareness and Attraction

by Deva Anatma &
Dhyan Maitreya

Step into a world where limitations dissolve and the extraordinary becomes your reality. Join us on a transformative journey at our exclusive one year Programm, where we unveil the secrets to living a life of full abundance, powered by the trifecta of Awareness, Arts, and Attraction.

Through the enchanting realm of arts, we will awaken your creative spirit and show you how to manifest your deepest desires into tangible reality. With arts, sound and dance will delve into the expressive powers of creativity, allowing you to channel your emotions and harness their energy for positive transformation.

Unleash your awareness, awaken your artistic spirit, and master the art of attraction and manifestation to live a life where opportunities effortlessly gravitate towards you, where abundance flows endlessly like a cascading waterfall. Unite with us in this extraordinary experience, where you will not only embrace abundance but become a living testament to its power. Are you ready to embark on this extraordinary journey? The world of limitless possibilities is waiting for you!

One Year of Your Super Power

  • 7 live group sessions 
  • 6 online group sessions
  • 2 1:1 settings with Anatma or Maitreya for your individual process 
  • 6 recorded meditations 
  •  Exclusive workbook 
  • The main language of this programm is English. German translation available

6 life changing pillars unfolding


09.03.2024  15-18h  Live Opening with 
                           himalayan singing bowl, arts & dance 


06.04.2024    15-18h  Live group meeting with                                  himalayan singing bowl, arts & dance 


04.05.2024  15-18h Live group meeting with 
                          himalayan singing bowl, arts & dance 


01.06.2024    15-18h  Live group meeting with  
                            himalayan singing bowl, arts & dance 


group meeting with himalayan singing bowl, arts and dance


group meeting with himalayan singing bowl, arts and dance 

Cosing Circle

closing circle with sharing, celebration dance and sound healing


  • Price for one year programm including 7 life sessions, 6 online meetings, 2 1:1 online meetings, 6 recorded mediations, exclusive workbook

         555 € (payable in installments)

  • Price for one life session (excluding closing circle wich is only for one year participants)